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Take Fizzo – The D.O.P.E Mixtape

December 9th, 2013 Mixtape Review 2 Comments »

Take Fizzo The DOPE Mixtape

As the year draws to an end, Zimbabwean Hip Hop fans are in for a holiday feast of releases set to keep their playlists as full as their guts will be after dinner on December 25th. 2 months after teaming up up with Tehn Diamond & Jnr Brown on their debut effort, Take Fizzo has stepped back into the booth after a long hiatus from rapping, where, it seemed the man behind The Chamhembe movement had resigned himself to production only.

At a time when fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Perfect Tehn & The Morning Glory the announcement of Take Fizzo‘s The D.OP.E. (The Definition Of Pure Energy) Mixtape caught everyone, including me off guard. I spoke to Fizzo about the project a few days ago &, according to him the mixtape is made up of a collection of beats & concepts that didn’t make The Feeling Ain’t Fair. But that does not mean this project is a rag tag collection of rejects. The production on DOPE is stellar, Fizzo collaborates with a diverse set of artists, from Ammara Brown, to Shazza, Smylie , Alkanemo & even his manager King Ngugi.

Considering his time away from rapping Fizzo made the smart decision to keep his rhyme patterns very simple (or his rustiness could have made the decision for him). You will not be wowed or blown away by his wordplay or punchlines, but what this mixtape will do is get your head nodding & you will be hearing songs like Monkey & Bannanas [sic] & Jockey Ridah in clubs & at gatherings throughout the upcoming silly season.

Standout tracks are Higher ( Ammara Brown’s vocal performance on this is astounding. Seems almost criminal to have this on just a mixtape) ,Jockey Ridah & I Wish. The last of these three being a touching tribute to Fizzo’s late friend Marshall Chimedza who went by the rap name Warblade. He passed away three years ago & Fizzo has often credited him as the reason he is making music today.

Besides that expect a 12 track project filled with songs about females, club anthems & chest beating braggadocio . Another notable entry is the remastered version of the #LightsOut remix Fizzo dropped last month.


Download The D.O.P.E Mixtape here


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    Take fizzo jus gave us an early chistmas present #DOPE

  • Eshmael Hamandishe

    defination of pure energy pasure, fizzo muri mdara #hapy


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